Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Which Spells?

I have all sorts of spells:
spells of vertigo
spells of being really tired of sexist BS
even spells of not being able to spell:
But I've never created heresy out of hearsay
Sincerely, a which

A.J. Ponder's response to the Witch Hunt cartoon

When someone draws a caption of witches with hats and broomsticks and calls it a witch hunt - they are bullying. We've seen it from Trump supporters, and from others including this obnoxious idiot who is determined to reveal his racism and sexism to the world in various cartoons.

The #metoo movement has revealed monsters lurking in power, and enabled victims to have a voice. Some of the people coming out to tell their stories are not women they're men, and many do not even name their perpetrators, often it's not even about them, it's about solidarity and re-establishing acceptable boundaries, it's a groundbreaking effort to empower the vulnerable and confront toxic power balances that have allowed systemic abuse to occur. 

Anyway, I've been sick - and have so much to do - so I better run, 
I hope you have a great week, and whatever you do, don't catch this bug. Ugh!


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