Friday, July 31, 2020

Through the Looking Glass

We dropped down the rabbit hole
to a enigmatically fluid

Reach out and touch the screen - can you feel it?

All the Mad Hatters and tea parties
and Cheshire cats

Through the rattle of keys on your keyboard - can you hear it?

The march of the cards
of the Queen of Heart's

If we could just lift a glass - can you taste it?

We're lost in the looking glass
where "Drink me" is

So empty.

And the looking glass
is full.

A.J. Ponder
Well, I could say what this poem is about, but we're really living it right now, aren't I'll just let it stand. I hope everyone is well out there. I've, as always been busy writing, but this one just came to me while at CoNZealand while struggling with the online interface.

It's too fresh to know what I think about it yet, but I hope you enjoy! :) Have fun peeps. Hope to see you around sometime in the real world, and if not, in the virtual one  :)

Kia kaha

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