Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Robbin' Hood Meets the Land of Free Speech

Hood Robbers - Hood Robbin'
They took from the poor
And they gave to the rich
Sold everyone's rights
Then fed us a pitch

So now we eat slogans
With clay for our bed
And watch the sky glowing
far over our heads

Hood Robbers - Hood Robbin'
'cause money is power
And money is speech
But I've got no money


Unfortunately American Politics has been rather big news this week.  And maybe I'd be almost as oblivious of it all if it wasn't for a certain program - (turns to camera) Damn You Colbert!  So what's new?  Politics, power and corruption are a world-wide phenomenon.  Of course, like NZ Americans have free speech and equal rights but it seems "some people are more equal than others".  Here Colbert explains how corporations' free speech is infringed, so I guess its lucky a certain decision went their way.

Here in little old NZ I don't think many people believe such a thing could never happen after all money and politics is relatively closely regulated, but we are buffeted by what is happening overseas.  And of course our system isn't perfect - which is why NZ, we need our own political comedy.  How else am I expected to have any idea about what is happening in the outside world?  After all the news is too depressing, and parliament is enough to induce catatonia. Besides, surely in this economic climate laughter is the best medicine :)

More poems can be found here at the rather awesome Tuesday Poem Blog. This week's poem is Wild Bees by John Griffin, but wait there's more, visit the side bar to the right to find the blogs of many wonderful NZ poets and authors.  Enjoy

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  1. Alicia, I "like" - but feel the main reason we need political satire is because we don't actually get 'news' in NZ these days, certainly not on the tv!