Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Google Beast

You intrepid hunter
You fearless prey
I'm led through your alleyways
By the nose,
Wrong way streets collapse without danger.

Time wasting
That's where it's at -
Did you know?
Or was it merely a fancy passing

A J Ponder

This poem may or may not be completed - it's relatively recent - but having spent an entire day meeting teachers etc... and trying to figure out NCEA and topic choices for my two darlings for 2012 I'm not entirely sure of anything.  Even that Google isn't the biggest waste of time in my life is questionable.  No, actually, thinking about it  that would be facebook, hands down.  And the two kittens.  And ....

You'll have to forgive me people, it's been a hard week -- and kittens (you know who you are) no more getting into fights and getting septic paws - you hear?  I'm trying to get on with the biggest gobbler of time I know - writing.  It is fun though, and sometimes I even have a good excuse to search for just the right -- Google.

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P.S. There are some pretty cool "Google Beast "logos out there - but I'm pretty sure I don't have the rights for them. Personally I'm rather fond of the Spaghetti Monster Logo.  Also the Muppet logo was fun:)

A.J. Ponder

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  1. I now usually refer to it as "Te Google", for the search engine with an antipodean twist, and use the phrase "ask te google" in the same sense as 'oracle' ;-)

  2. So nice of you to drop by again - yes I like it - "Te Google" - or for me "Te Goolge" because that's what I always start off typing, and it would save time not having to constantly correct it.