Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Poem: No Tomorrow

You all knew where you were
when you heard the news-
down the motorway
to the apocalypse

So forget yesterday
and tomorrow
the worst of plans
is letting the sun
on the path
when there's no
best foot
to put forward -
not between the lot of us -

since the rot set in and
on broken bone
became the height of summer fashion

Cant remember when
we weren't all holding on -
broken fingernails
on tarmac

wont wait 'til tomorrow
when the sun'll come out

and we'll fry
on the tarmac
raising a stink
like green eggs
and ham-



So that's the poem this week, it's a bit of a tricky one, so won't be surprised if it changes a little. Suggestions, as always, very welcome. Have even toyed with making it a couple of poems - after all - there can never be enough zombie apocalypse poems in the world - not when metaphorical disaster is more fun than the real thing.

If poems are your thing, why not check out the Tuesday Poem hub, full of poemy goodness.


  1. I love this, and especially the ending, which surprised me, pleasantly so. Zombie apocalyptic poetry - why not? This is so much more, though. Yeah, I'm pretty sure of that.

  2. Thank you. :). Yes, bit depressing really but somehow the zombie apocalypse makes it much more fun...it's so wrong, and yet sometimes it's the perfect metaphor to play with.