Monday, September 22, 2014

Yes, it's September, but that means Christmas is around the corner - at least for me!

Twisty Christmas tales illustration Geoff Ppham
Santa over Auckland by Geoff Popham
Yes, that's right, Christmas is getting closer, and so is the deadline for the Twisty Christmas Tales project I've been working on....

It's enough to drive a grinch crazy.

"I MUST stop this Christmas from coming! But HOW?"
(extract from the Grinch, by Dr Seuss)

Of course I don't want to stop Christmas, that would be terrible, roll on the fun...but slowing down time would be great. If anyone has a spare time travelling machine, would really appreciate lending it for the next month or so. (Of course I do have one, care of my very special character Frankie, but it's just a little temperamental.)

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Or to find out more about the Twisty Christmas Tales anthology, the authors, and the artist - check out the link...

Wishing everyone a great week, and sorry for bailing again on a poem -- it's crazy busy here, with little elves working madly on the final stages of this project, not to mention Lilly Lionheart, a national science fiction convention, and the Rona Gallery opening...


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