Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Poem: No Comment

I guess you heard the news today

oh boy
Nobody said a thing
Nobody had to

What I heard
I couldn't say
oh boy
I didn't say a thing
I didn't have to

A.J. Ponder

Dramatic Chipmunk in tin foil hat - for the real video click link
Yes, it's get out the tin foil hats time - kitch sci-fi has taken over the world and become reality - not that tin foil's going to help much - except possibly to obscure your identity (although I dare say clothes would do a better job).

And while nobody is probably going to care too much about what you wrote to Auntie Muriel in your last email, privacy is privacy, including how that information is used, but before anybody can begina  serious discussion of - how far is too far- the moment is gone...cue dramatic chipmunk!! ;)

For mroe dramatic moments, and some great poetry check out the Tuesday Poetry Blog here
I particularly liked Helen Lowe's choice this week of “July 1914″ by Anna Akhmatova


  1. Thank you, Alicia, Both for your wry observation and for liking "July 1914" and saying so here. :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Helen -- & no problem, really enjoying your blog :)