Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seven Rings for Mortal Man

Believe it or not, it's New Zealand SpecFic Blogging week. So I thought how about a little homage to the Lord of the Rings film in the hope that The Hobbit will eventually materialise.  (I'm dying to know if they are going to open with the scene of Smaug I've always imagined.)

Seven Rings for Mortal Man

I have a tale to tell to you,
A tale of woe and endless rue
Of dark things stalking in the night
and brave men come to do what’s right

Of Princesses and courage true
As seen on high from Godlike view
Of cameras scattered in the night
To catch this truly awesome sight

Now I would be a Hero
and wield a Hero’s blade
To smite the foe in battle rage
If only I could make the grade

Or evil crawling in the night
To fight the good with all my might -
It is not beneath my pride
To slaughter elvish scum upon an orcish tide

For these things I long, and many more
but to walk until I get footsore
And I absolutely swear
a dozen steps to get nowhere…

I’d do it all again for

This feature promises to bring
“Riders” dark and menacing
Dwarves and Elves and Men
And special effects beyond my ken

The stars the moon the absent sun
The stones on which the rivers run
Bless them all this awe-full night
In the promise of the sight


One film to rule them all
One film to spell-bind them
One film to bring them all
and in the darkness…

just watch it!

A..J. Ponder - author page

ok maybe it's not pure spec fic but here's some others - one or two of which might be considered Spec Fic - hey what do I know?  I just write stuff.

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I know there are so many others but the slipper just fell off and the pumpkin is leaving.


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