Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Poem : My Empire by A.J. Ponder

I should have known
My sweetest friend
That you could have it all
In the end

Someone told me long ago
that it would end this way

Tho' I keep searching for
An answer,

There is nothing I can say
Hanging on the promises
You never thought to give
You're scared

Of the pain you feel,
Maybe it's raining
Or the sun wont shine
I know

You've never seen the rain
except there's a rainbow
above you

I've had two songs going through my head for a long time now, "I should have known," by the Foo Fighters and Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails. There are a couple of other lines that have been thrown in (attributions below), but this song poem, "My Empire," could just as easily been called "Earworm"...

If you enjoy poetry, why not check out the poems at the Tuesday Poem Blog, free every Tuesday.

(Also included Whitesnake, "Here I go again," lyrics, John Fogerty's "have you ever seen the rain," lyrics, The Eagles, "Desperado," and maybe even afew from Joss Whedon's "Once more with feeling." And if I have accidentally placed an unattributed line, please don't hesitate to say. Have a great week!

thanks for dropping by,
A.J. Ponder

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  1. that's a cool way to do a found poem. Like to hear you sing it! Desperado now there's a song for the poets!