Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Poem: Poetry for Beginners by Surfing the Web. A.J. Ponder.

Poetry for Beginners, by Surfing the Web

Reading poetry well is part attitude 
and part technique
So, here we are, our first lesson.

After all isn't grammar
what poetry is all about?

Actively seek inspiration
from under your desk,
I suggest folding the
13 Ways of Looking Exercise
into a dart-
and watch it fly

You need not make sense or unify
your thoughts
Time this step for 2 minutes.

So, now your teacher has turned the other way,
retrieve the dart
and remember,
is as much about subversion
as schooling.

Lost in the Museum, to be released 26/04/14
A.J. Ponder

Go on, rebel a little, and enjoy the poetry this week on the
Tuesday Poem Hub  ;)

P.S. Lost in the museum now available on Amazon here


  1. Ah I love this one, Alicia! Fun stuff -- and also hitting hard. You rebel you.

    1. Thanks Michelle, you're so sweet - and yes the rebel bit was fun :)