Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Red Admirals

Adrift on the tail of summer
winging their way across the summer lawn
to infiltrate the abode of giants

Patrolling the glass confines
with the grace of a stormy sea 
in summer's heat,
until the trap, long since sprung,
has our admirables
battering against unseen walls

Escape, escape, escape!
There is none.
Paralysed fear
the jaunty wings grow still
as the giant's blunt jaws
gently enfold
and release with naught
but a sprinkling of black scales

A fine trade
for freedom

A.J. Ponder

Yes!!! A last minute poem, a little late for Tuesday! But enjoy your week, and maybe even wing your way to all the wonderful Tuesday poets at

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  1. I've always thought it a great pity we don't have a plethora of colourful butterflies like they do in Thailand and Malaysia. Maybe you have to be in the tropics to get stunning butterflies.