Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cat-World Problems

People are starving in Africa,
but the cat is at his bowl
complaining about the
vast sliver of bowl
daring to peak through
cat biscuits

There's murder on the news
but the cat is at the door
complaining about the rain -
and what are you going to do
about this climate change?

You can't deny it,
you know it's serious
when it's a cat-world problem
 because the fatter the cat
the bigger the noise


Although of course neither of our cats are fat - they're just...big boys. And absolutely gorgeous...if a little demanding.

Anyway, thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed this little poem. And sorry, I was so busy I missed posting last Tuesday, and didn't even notice. That's because I've been finishing the third and final installment of Miss Lionheart. The pre-order for part 3: Thrice Shy is up, and gosh Quetzee is looking awesome in red, thanks to Imojen Hancock :)

Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death is a series about an intrepid girl genius forced to create dangerous designer animals for a master villain with more power than sense.


  1. I did enjoy the little poem, Alicia. And am glad to hear Miss Lionheart (3) is coming along. :)

  2. thank you Helen, it's always fun writing - but getting a book out is.... ;)

  3. I liked this too. Good luck with Miss Lionhear. I shall check her out. :-)