Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Nylon Gibbet

There's death riding over the waves,
so lets raise the jolly roger

It's been so long since
we danced the hornpipe,
and made our victims walk the plank
lest they raft ashore,
on plastic bottles
All hands to deck,
trim the sail,
and raise the nylon gibbet,
for the tide waits for no man -
and our ship's a ghosting
against a hot wind,
amongst the empty waves,
while the innocent

And a don't ye splice the mainbrace
until we've raised
the black flag

A.J. Ponder

The idea for this poem is a mash up of a "dancing pirates" idea that refuses to work, and this truly horrible article The Ocean is Broken http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1848433/the-ocean-is-broken/--this/

It's a real worry that everybody wants and needs what the sea can provide, but it seems not everybody is prepared to look after it.

 A.J. Ponder is the author of Wizard's Guide to Wellington and  Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death.  

(Bundled into a super secret underground bunker Lilly must use her awesome genius skills - and her not so awesome social skills to survive long enough to create awesomely dangerous creatures and escape almost certain death...



  1. I always get a smile when I stop in here, Alicia. Such fun you have with poetry. Thanks for this!

    1. thank you Michelle, I have to say I thought your work this week on https://michelleelvy.wordpress.com and the Tuesday Poem was outstanding. :)