Monday, January 11, 2016

There's a Star Man - Goodbye David Bowie

You have to hand it to Ziggy
he had those spiders,
what rock star doesn't?

But Major Tom
and his shirts,
there's nothing we could do

But dance,
dance the night away
whirled along
by the silver haired
silver tongued
the one and only David Bowie  

You decided
what kind of magic spell to use
no one needed the crystal
the power was in you
to turn the world

If we can sparkle he may land tonight

So come on
let's dance,
dance the blues away

The moonlight a puddle of silver
the angel
on the dance floor

A.J. Ponder

Goodbye David Bowie, ashes to funky, you were the lord of the dance floor, and greatly missed - although you work lives on....

Sad news, but an amazing life, and a legacy that will not be forgotten -
Ziggy Stardust,
A Space Oddity

and more songs are available on Bowies Official utube site

Author of Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death, and Wizard's Guide to Wellington.