Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sabbatical - there's a story running rampant through my brain

The Sign Off

There's a story running rampant through my brain
and I'd hate to tell it
once again
to fly off to the never
never land
where never stories lurk
because once it's lost -
so it always will remain.

Yup - I'm taking a break - you can partly blame this little guy - Ike.
He's been a rather distracting little Imp - always wanting to know what's happening around Wellington and wanting to be aired out!

Not only that but he's taken residence up at http://wizardsguide.wordpress.com

But mostly there's a story I've been meaning to write and I'm hoping to force it into the world care of NaNoWri Mo (National Novel writing Month)
Ugly yes - but aren't all newborns - except our own?

So thanks everybody for reading and I'll be back properly 1st of Jan - but might pop back and forth a little for the sheer heck of it, "on the spot" poems like this one and other important updates :)


A.J. Ponder

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  1. Hi A J! Good luck with your writing...I'm doing NaNoWriMo too...should be interesting!

    1. Hey Leah - cheers for dropping by and good luck - I've always meant to do it - but there's always something...

  2. Good on you Alicia and good luck. Miss you already :-)

  3. Cheers Helen - I'll miss you too - it's been great, but I promise will be back again!!!!